Thomas Rhett Experience

Friday, October 13, 2017, I attended a Home Team tour show in Pensacola, Florida.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the biggest country music fan. But, when it comes to Thomas Rhett I will admit to being the biggest.

We arrived to the Pensacola Bay Center around 3:30 p.m. and ended up waiting until 6 to go in. When it was time to go in, one security came over to check hundreds of us. I do believe the show was a safe place, because of this, but it would have been less hectic if they had more than one security checking.

We managed to get the barricade by the cat walk. Our side of the cat walk was not building up fast, so it was perfect to just walk up and get close to the stage. As we were waiting, for the show to begin, we met a few new friends. There were about eight of us who stuck together before an after the show. Meeting new people is what makes the show even more fun.

Mobile native, Walker Hayes, opened first. Most of his music was very acoustic sounding. He was a fun time, when he was not looking at the other side of the cat walk the entire time. Hayes did interact with whoever he could, even if they did not know the words.

I did not know any of his music before the show. This did not stop me from having a great time during his set.

Next up were country duo Dan and Shay.

These two guys know how to put on a show.

I had only heard a few of their songs beforehand, but that did not stop the fun.

As soon as they walked out Dan pointed my way and I felt so cool.

Not only do these men have great vocals, they know how to entertain a crowd. If you did not have the time of your life during this show, I am not sure what you were doing. The whole show they were interacting with the crowd while singing as if it was their last time. Dan probably came over to our side to high-five us at least 5 times.

I am now one of their biggest fans, in my eyes.

It was finally time for the main event.

Thomas Rhett Akins, came onto the stage from the front of the catwalk. He rose up from the front-center singing hit song “Crash and Burn. This happens to be my favorite song on the album, so of course I went crazy.

This was my second time seeing him, but the first time up close. I did not expect him to be so short, but that shorty has some big lungs and dance moves.

Thomas Rhett tried his best to throw the best show, and he did not disapoint.

Halfway through the show, he went towards the back of the venue to sing to the people who could not see as well. from there, he sang a few songs from his newest album “Life Changes.”

When Thomas Rhett returned to the main stage, he began to start singing his hit songs, as if it was the encore part of the show. There never was an encore, but I believe if there was this would have been it.

Don’t mean to brag, but this was when he held my hand. I don’t even know what went on after that, besides the girl beside me going crazy, anytime he looked in our general direction.

The show ended with confetti after we all sang along to Tshirt.

Hands down, the best country show I have attended.



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